Harbor of Hope



We welcome you from the stormy seas of life to drop sail and come ashore into our safe haven... Our Harbor of Hope. Come dockside and visit our art gallery, chapel and gift shop.

As you come ashore we invite you to visit our ports of call to enjoy your time with us. We want your visit to be inspired with fresh hope as you permit us to share our art and inspirational messages.

Please return as often as possible and view our new art and be encouraged with inspirational messages of hope.

"If it were not for hope, the heart would break" so wrote the Englishman, clergyman, and historian Thomas Fellow

Our resident artist Gil Pearson will be pleased to lead you in our tour of this site and welcome your comments. gil.pearson@harborofhope.us  


Harbor of Hope

"Harbor of Hope" (30"x40")
  by artist: Gil Pearson